1. I can’t wait to watch it again next weeeeeek Buckyyyyyyyy

  2. BUCKY;/////;


  3. FAQs

    So I decided to make this and answer all the most commonly asked questions, I hope this helps!

    1) What tools/programs do you use mostly?
    Pencil and paper is the best. For inking and lineworks I like to use liner pens from Copic and Deleter, sometimes I use drawing nibs too. For coloring, I do it in SAI and Photoshop after scanning.

    2) Are there any ways I can get better in drawing?
    Practice everyday.
    I suggest carrying a pen and a small sketchbook every time you go out, then practice drawing on everything you find interesting. It can be buildings, cars, people etc. It’s fun and I still do this every so often.
    Keep your eyes and heart open, be curious, learn more from others.

    3) Can I buy your books online or from overseas?
    I’m so sorry I don’t do overseas shipping right now. But I’ll try my best to get it done in the future(maybe this year)! Please wait for meee

    4) Do you do commissions?
    I don’t have the time to do it right now, sorry.

    5) Do you do tutorials?
    No sorry I don’t.

    If you have more questions, feel free to “ask” me! :)

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  4. flowersalad asked: Hey temari i wanted to ask you what you think of d'jafar and sindbad(since you only do amaazing artwork of cassim and ali baba

    I like them too!(I like Jafar more than Sindbad though)  Actually I like SinJar and I bought quite a number of fan books before :)


  5. space-manifesto asked: you've got amazing style :D but I'm more of an instagram person, my tumblr is dying every time I try to have one :c could you share your instagram name with us? ♥

    sorry my Instagram acc is for private use only X(


  6. viilaablr asked: Omgggg why until now i have seen ur art ???!!! Fuckingg amazingggggg beauifull shdbfjbf

    haha thank youuu!


  7. lunatama asked: I've been following you on pixiv for a few years now, so I got really excited when I saw your tumblr under my recommended blogs list : D!

    I’m surprised and happy to know thank you so much for telling me :)!!!


  8. foraz-zora asked: OH YOU'RE DOING SCC!!! I cannot go, sadly, but I was wondering if you ever do events in Kansai? :D

    Ahh sorry I don’t have any future plans for Kansai events X(


  9. flimsyssassin asked: I have just found you and looking through your art for the first time. Wow! Everything I see is amazing! I've instantly fallen in love with your work :) so lovely, I'm excited to be following you :D

    Thank you very much I’m glad you like them..!! :)

  10. I did some Cassali♀+Mariam short comics today