1. Thorston twins from HTTYD with Thor :)


  2. star-l-ight said: For the love of God if you have time please draw more fem!Captain and Bucky! You're very talented! :)

    Thank you! Glad you like them I’ll try doing more :)

  3. fem!Captain free paper I did for TW Slash only event back in May :)


  4. vengativa-alma said: Hello there! I just want to say how much of an inspiration you are to me. Your art is so amazing, I can't fathom how beautiful it is. It makes me happy to see your work on my dash (: your art encourages me to keep trying no matter how horrible I think my own art is. Thank you!

    Hello! Thank you so much!
    Keep trying and practice more :) <3


  5. yorune said: Temari I want to say I used to follow you back when you did Hetalia fanarts, you were already awesome back then and LOOK YOU GOT EVEN MORE AWESOME QWQ KEEP IT UP (So glad I found this blog ;;)

    omg wow
    Thank you for your support since Hetalia…;w;


  6. brother-of-flames said: Hello to temariart! I must say, I absolutely ADORE your Kassim art. You're style is perfect, and you capture his personality so well. That's not even including all of the other art you do! It's all simply amazing, thank you!

    Thank YOU! So happy to know that, my pleasure :)

  7. Love her! One of the best Disney Villains


  8. mumohuaiyu said: 非常喜欢大大的画!请问是出了冬盾的本子吗?有木有通贩或者帝都SLO5的场贩?



  9. mrsikari said: TEMARI桑,妳會來HK的Slash only嗎!?

    應該不會>_< 沒有攤..!


  10. behind-the-unionjack said: I love cassali so much but unfortunately there's not much cassali fan art out there until I found you. I love you and your blog, your art, your everything! Thank you very much for shipping cassali and making their fan art I'm so happy~! ;w;

    Thank you so much I’m happy that you like my Cassali fan art ^//^!!